Clinic Forms:

Below you will find a list of forms that will need to completed prior to your first visit. We encourage you to fill these forms out and submit them online to save time. You will be redirected to to complete each form. Please return to this webpage after completing each form in order to access the next relevant form. 

If you are unable to submit the forms online or fill them out prior to your first visit, please plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early for your appointment to allow time for completion

Form Instructions

Items in this column to be printed and filled out
Items in this column to be submitted online

Intake forms

Must be completed by ALL patients

General Medical History

Must be completed by ALL patients

Spine History

Complete if you are being seen for back and neck problems

Orthopedic History

Complete if you are being seen for any other orthopedic problem

Better Bone Clinic History

Complete if you have a history of bone health problems / osteopenia / osteoporosis

Also, please be sure to bring the following documents and information: Driver’s license and insurance card(s).

All related MRIs, x-rays, CTs, Bone Density scans (DXA) and their respective written reports. Bring images on disc from radiology imaging facility.

If you have any questions regarding the retrieval of this information, please call our office: 706-546-1333.


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